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Traveling Tips for a Safe Mexico

Traveling in Mexico can be an enjoyable experience if you follow these guidelines. Mexico still operates under Napoleonic law which means everyone is guilty until proven innocent. For this reason, all of our policies include legal bail bond service to ensure our customers the best customer service possible. This is a service that no one should travel Mexico without. Under NO circumstances should you think that your U.S. or Canadian insurance is recognized in Mexico.

There are only two ways of providing proof of financial responsibility:

Tips for a Safe Mexico:

  1. You can obtain increased limits of coverage in the form of a combined single limit (CSL) if necessary and our policies are GMAC approved. Get a Quote hyperlink!
  2. Always obtain your Mexico insurance from a reliable agent and make sure that the policy you are purchasing is authorized from a Surplus Lines Broker.
  3. It is forbidden to ever have ammunition or firearms in Mexico. You will go to jail if caught with either of these items. If you plan to hunt in Mexico visit your local consulate and acquire the proper documents to do so.
  4. Never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs in Mexico.
  5. There are none to very few street lights on the highway and the roads can become very narrow so always drive on the defensive and be alert.
  6. If you are going to be in Mexico more that 72 hours you must have a FMT card which must be obtained from Mexico Immigration and validated by a Mexico official.
  7. Vehicle permits are required when traveling to Mainland Mexico. See Mexico entry requirements for further details. Mexico entry requirements!
  8. Always be aware of your surroundings! To see animals or live stock on the road is not uncommon and can cause major damage to your vehicle.
  9. All speed limits are posted in kilometers per hour.
  10. Mexico has a helmet law when riding a motorcycle.
  11. After it has rained be extremely careful when driving due to the build up of oils on the highway that may cause you to lose control of your vehicle. It could take several hours of heavy rain to wash the oils away.
  12. Watch out for “topes”, which are speed bumps in every town of any size. They begin just as you enter a town and there lots of them in-between.
  13. Trucks and Buses are usually friendly and will use their left turn signal to advise you that it is safe to pass them. Always use common sense when passing.

Green Angels

Ensenada- (617) 646-85
Tijuana- (66) 24-34-79

The Green Angels are green and white trucks that travel up and down the highways looking to provide services to people in need. The Green Angels are a federally sponsored organization that patrols Mexico’s main highways from 8am to 8pm. The Green Angels are trained mechanics who are also trained in basic first aid and carry oil, gasoline, spare parts, tools and communications capabilities. You will only be charged for the gasoline or parts; not for the mechanical services.

Tips to never forget when traveling by vehicle in Mexico

***Remember, you are visiting another country. Respect and obey their laws!***

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