Vehicle Warranty Program

Insurance Terms

Collision Coverage

covers your vehicle if you are involved in a traffic accident less your deductible.

Fire, Total Theft and Natural Phenomena

covers your vehicle if it is stolen, burns to the ground or sustains damage from a Natural Phenomena - such as a flood. A deductible will be applied.


is the amount that you are responsible to pay toward your collision or physical loss. This amount is paid first by the insured or deducted from your final settlement.

Liability Insurance

covers against damages that you cause by hitting someone or their property. Also known as Bodily Injury and Property Damage!


Liability policies commonly offer separate limits that apply to bodily injury and property damage claims. Your most common way to describe your liability insurance limits are “100/300/50” what this means is $100,000 per person, bodily injury, $300,000 per accident bodily injury and $50,000 for property damage.

Combined Single Limit (CSL)

combined limit of liability applying to bodily injury and property damage. Single limit of protection for both bodily injury and/or property damage, contrasted with split limits. Specific limits apply to bodily injury and property damage separately.

Medical Payments

covers medical for you and your passengers if you have an accident.

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