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ADA VIS Global Enterprises provides competitive Mexico auto insurance rates including full coverage GMAC approved policies on daily and annual basis. To find out how much you can save your customers by being a producer for Mexico insurance with ADA VIS Global Enterprises Become an Agent Today!

When traveling in Mexico, it’s important to remember that the legal system is different than in the United States. As in the U.S., the possibility exists of being involved in an accident. The Mexican government treats these accidents seriously; under Mexican law, they are considered both civil and criminal offenses. It’s interesting that most of us buy insurance on our cars, homes and lives in the U. S. with a great deal of care and consideration, however, when we visit Mexico, we seem to forget the need for this important and legally required coverage and very casually purchase it at a drive-in agency at the border as a last minute decision. At this point, sometimes a last minute decision can be a rushed decision and a bad decision.

Offer your customers Mexico Insurance from your office today and get paid 28% on every policy you sell.
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If you are currently a licensed insurance agent in the United States or Canada, you may be eligible to provide our rates directly to your own clients. Registration is simple, and we provide you with all of the tools required to integrate your business and your website with our rate system. You may register at any time.If you are already an agent, but have not received your updated registration information, please contact us.

What makes us different, although rates are important?

  • We maintain an office and staff in Mexico to assist our customers.
  • The Mexico insurance provider, Seguros El Potosi allows us to handle the claims in and out of Mexico.
  • We own the legal service included in every policy that bails our customers out of jail when they've had a vehicle accident.
  • Fully licensed staff with over 38 years in the insurance industry.
  • Licensed in 44 states.

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