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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my U.S. insurance policy cover me in Mexico?

Some U.S. and Canadian policies may cover your vehicle for physical damage. The Mexican government, however, doesn't recognize U.S. or Canadian policies as valid insurance in Mexico.

How is the value of my vehicle determined?

Your local car dealer or your insurance agent should be able to help you determine your vehicle's value. The Kelly Blue Book of used cars values may also be used as a guide. Be sure to add those extras you want insured should you have a loss. Remember, our trailers and cars are always worth more to us owners than they might be to someone else. We advise you not to under-insure.

What if I have a loan on my vehicle?

If you have a loan on your vehicle or trailer, most lenders will require that they be furnished a copy of your policy indication that the unit is insured while it is in Mexico Upon request, we will supply a "lien holder" copy of the policy naming your bank or financial institution as lender. Always make sure you allow enough time before your trip into Mexico to allow for the handling of paperwork.

If I tow a trailer, boat, or another vehicle, do I need to insure them?

No, but it must be listed on the policy with the towing vehicle, otherwise the towing vehicle's insurance could be voided in the event of an accident or loss.

If I am borrowing a vehicle, will I need any special documents?

Yes, you should obtain a notarized affidavit of permission from the legal owner.

What is Liability Only?

The Liability Only policy provides the minimum vehicle insurance required by the Mexican government. Included in this coverage is property damage caused by your vehicle, legal liability for injuries or death of persons not in you vehicle, and medical expenses for you or other persons in your vehicle.

Do I need a Mexico Car Permit?

Only if you plan to drive in mainland Mexico beyond the border areas, or plan to transport a vehicle by ferry from Baja California to mainland Mexico. Permits are not required for travel on the Baja California peninsula.

What is Legal Aid Coverage?

In Mexico, a traffic accident is considered a felony, it is possible that you will be detained by the authorities, with your vehicle impounded, until they conclude their investigation. Legal Aid helps prevent this, with one phone call an attorney will come to your assistance, and negotiate your immediate release, as well as the release of the vehicle.

What if I have two registered owners on the vehicle? Do I have to state every potential driver?

No, you do not have to state every potential driver on the policy, only the registered owner. Any person with a valid driver’s license may operate your vehicle as long as they have permission and they do not have a Mexican License.

Are all Mexico Insurance Companies the same?

All the Mexico Insurance companies are essentially the same. They offer the same coverage’s, underwriting and claims representation. More than one broker can represent one company at the same time. The only difference is the relationship and involvement the broker has with the company. Some brokers do not get involved between customer and company. We have an exclusive contract with Seguros El Potosi.

Do I need Mexico Insurance and what coverage should I purchase?

Yes, you must always purchase Mexico Liability coverage while traveling in Mexico. When traveling in Mexico, it’s important to remember that the legal system is different than in the United States. As in the U.S., the possibility exists of being involved in an accident. The Mexican government treats these accidents seriously; under Mexican law, they are considered both civil and criminal offenses. Your vehicle may be impounded and you maybe placed under arrest. The easiest way to determine what coverage to purchase is to buy a policy similar to the one you have in the United States or in your place of residency.

What is Legal Aid Service? And is it something worth purchasing?

In Mexico, a traffic accident is considered a felony. It is very possible that the authorities will detain you and your vehicle be impounded until they conclude their investigation. Legal aid coverage helps to prevent this. With one phone call an attorney will come to your assistance and negotiate your immediate release as well as the release of your vehicle. The legal aid contract was designed to cover the legal requirements that arise from an automobile accident.

What do I do if I am in an accident in Mexico?

All claims MUST be reported before you leave the Republic of Mexico. Any claim not reported may be subject to denial. The first thing that you need to do if involved in an accident is to contact the 01-800 insurance claims hotline provided and 01-800 legal aid hotline number to get an adjuster and lawyer on scene immediately.

When traveling to Mainland Mexico what documents do I need to show the authorities?

Documents needed:

What is considered a Free Zone or Border Zone?

This is a zone set by the Mexico Officials where you are not responsible to obtain a vehicle permit to travel. These areas include the entire Baja Peninsula, and from Sonoyta north to the Arizona Border. Anywhere else “Free Zone or Border Zone" will end 25 kilometers from the Mexico to United States Border.

What do I do to be able to take a financed or leased vehicle into Mexico?

You will need to obtain a “Letter of Authorization” from your finance or leasing company prior to departing to Mexico. Before this letter is issued they will request a copy of valid Mexico insurance policy with exact travel dates. *The finance companies suggest allowing 24 to 72 hrs to receive Letter of Authorization.

***Note: All GMAC financed vehicles must have a minimum bodily injury and property damage of $50,000 / $100,000 / $50,000 or a combined single limit of $100,000 per accident. You must also have no more than a $500 deductible on collision and $1000 on Fire and Total Theft to meet the requirements...

How do I go about taking a vehicle registered to a business into Mexico?

You will need to obtain a notarized letter from the business authorizing the driver to take the vehicle to Mexico.

How do your claims service work? And do I have to fix my vehicle in Mexico?

Our claims are handled by our staff in the United States to prevent from having to deal with the Mexico Insurance Company directly. We are the only surplus provider that has offices both in the US and in Mexico to provide you with the utmost professional service possible to the industry. You are not obligated to fix your vehicle in Mexico however; there are additional expenses that you could be responsible for depending on the type of policy purchased.

What are fixed Deductibles?

A fixed deductible is a set dollar amount that you are responsible to pay before the insurance company will adhere to the contractual agreement versus an amount determined by a percentage of the insured amount.

In the event of a total loss in Main Land Mexico how do I release my vehicle permit?

There are two ways to release your vehicle permit:

****This can only be handled at the border where permits are issued.

What if I am towing a trailer?

All of our policies extended liability to the trailer while it is coupled to the vehicle. The insurance company requires that the trailer be stated on the policy regardless if you purchase liability or full coverage.

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