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GMAC Mexico Insurance Requirements

GMAC financing requires when you take your vehicle to Mexico that you have specific coverages on your vehicle. Without these requirements being met you will not be able to obtain the required Authorization letter to take your vehicle to Mexico. We have provided you a simple solution to purchasing your Mexico Insurance from the comforts of your home. For an aproved GMAC policy click here If you would prefer to speak with one of our experienced bilingual sales agents please contact 1-800-909-4457.

The following are GMAC requirements that must be included in your Mexico Insurance policy:

  1. Deductibles: 2% of the insured amounts not exceed $500 on Collision and 5% of the insured amount not to exceed $1000 for Fire & Total Theft.
  2. You must have a minimum of $100,000 combined single limit for public liability. (click here to learn about a combined single limit)
  3. When requesting your authorization letter from GMAC your request letter must be accompanied with your insurance policy. The request letter you must specify your entry and exit dates of travel.
  4. The insured amount must cover your loan balance. In the event of a total loss the Mexico Insurance company is not obligated to pay the loan balance if the vehicle is not worth the specified amount. Policy holder will be required to pay the remainder of the loan balance.
  5. ***Note: If you have recently purchased and financed a new vehicle with GMAC it is recommend that you contact them before purchasing your insurance to make sure that you will be allowed to take that vehicle out of the country.

    To contact the authorization department at GMAC please dial 1-800-200-4622. You can fax your requests to (541) 242-2428 or (316) 652-6349. We recommend that you allow 48 hours to receive your authorization letter from GMAC. If you need assistance in obtaining your authorization letter please contact ADA VIS Global Ent, Inc. at 1-800-909-4457.

    Need to obtain your vehicle permit for Mainland:

    A vehicle permit for Mainland Mexico is required at ALL times except when traveling in Sonora. You can register or read about how to obtain a Mexico Vehicle permit at

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